Detroit Become Human E3 2016 vs 2018 Demo PS4 Pro Graphics...

Since we all can put our hands on playable demo of upcoming Detroit Become Human lets take a look on direct comparison of E3 2016 Demo with bran new code running on PS4 Pro. How do you like the changes? Detroit E3 2016 Demo: Music: Digital Memories by Unicorn HeadsDetroit Become Human Graphics Comparison

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FireTec... People say the faces and skin downgraded but to me, the 2016 people look way more fake and dead. The 2018 graphics really bring them to life. Keep in mind the blue lighting is because it’s supposed to fit a futuristic setting.
SuperSa... If you didn’t tell me they were both on the same system I’d think this is PS3 vs. PS4, my God how did they make such a big jump in graphics?
I gotta say though, they made that woman pale as freak.
Ruata L... A downgrade plain and simple. Don't try to defend it, and please stop being so rude on people who don't like the later version. It seems people think it's trendy to call it an upgrade.. I was so amazed by the facial animation and skin texturing when i saw the trailer for the first time back in 2016. I am really shocked to see the finished product. Sure they have added some details on the costume and have even done something with the lighting. That's forgivable , but I'm thoroughly not impressed with the face and the shading. It now looks like any other average game, that's on the market right now. Nothing special with the graphics . The graphics in the trailer was what people were most excited about.
Plotlin... Pre-Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
Post-Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
theresa... why make it so realistic.. I still prefer the Advent Children style. Dont make it too real...People playing games like being in a game world, not real world.... true or false?
TheSand... I love how cold the 2018 version looks like with the blue tint, shows how Connor is just a machine! The 2016 visuals honestly give me a heavy rain vibe with all the browns and dullness (Which actually looks nice, but doesn't fit DBH's personality) :)
DragonX... Do you realize that all three characters have different color schemes and cinematic schemes right? This must have happened after the 2016 demo. Connor's is cold, blue, and his cinematics are just as such. This isn't a downgrade, its an idea that happened afterwards to put more blue in Connor's scenes.
Rogue V... Am I watching another Justice League snyder vs whedon cut? ????
Nintenb... i don't like Daniel's old hair, that's all.
Ivan Ca... Why blue filter because it adds some cold emotions in the game
Jorge M... Good cutcene game
quie... Connor hot in both ??
Hardzar... Connor gone Asian after 2 years
Sharky ... Nonetheless, conner looks good in the 2016 and 2018 version
kurokuy... The 2018 version is more pleasing to my eyes, texture and color-wise. But I may be a bit biased towards blue coloring :P
surviva... isnt not downgrade, its a upgrade haha
Xxkurok... The lighting and coloring was mostly different..not so vibrant ,but both are still very good. But now I know why I suddenly didn't like Connors face as much as in the demo. Even though they still look similar graphic-wise ,the final game was "paler" and "flatter" so of course they all looked at tiny bit different
Kookies... I like the 2018. I don't know what it is about it but it gives it a more futuristic feel to it
Mirre V... PERSONALLY i like the 2018 more, it just gives more the vibe that he is an android and not a human, and he is cuter :3 <3 (but Bryan Dechart or Connor is always cute)
Veronic... Wait so it just has been a game before?
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