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MaGic W... Good
TobineK... 1:48 Pasha intensifies
Love xd... Nice video! Sub and like! wait for more! :D
Jorge S... where is #268 ODDSHOTS? lolol
gomz ma... I love this one
Corumda... K
HyperS... Best vid ever
Reontoy... nice headshots
Siddhar... remember the world is ours...we love our motherland...and here also our loving person proland...roger that!!
Beast B... Twoje oddshoty są boskie. Zawsze jak nagrasz nowy film to ja go oglądam. Masz ode mnie suba i lajka. Dałem suba jakieś kilka mc-y temu. Pozdro Proland
filiplo... Why are you soooo awesome i mean your films
Wolfik_... best video ever xDD
Vlad Hr... Love this vid
OLKEN... Nice video dude
Sushii ... Eyyyyy keep the good stuff coming! Videos getting better every upload
nN3XtZ... Cheer!!
August ... proland the god of the best clips in Csgo
Philip ... I love that youre always coming with the video fast and Well made you should have 1 mill subs
Jonatha... Keep making these. They are awesome
ankur c... Hell i can bet money on envy
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