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Top 9 Steps to Beat DEPRESSION by Gods Grace

Globally, over 300 million people suffer from depression. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide and a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease. People who have depression experience a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest. If that describes you, the good news is that you dont have to remain a victim of depression. There are things you can do to fight your depression. Learn about them by watching this video as I present to you the top 9 steps to beat depression by Gods grace! ➤Amazing Facts app: ➤Depression: The Way Out book: ➤Nedley Depression Recovery Program: Support Bible Flock Box: ➤PayPal: PayPal: ➤Patreon: Follow me on: ➤YouTube: ➤Facebook: ➤Instagram: For sponsorship inquiries, e mail me at #BibleFlockBox #BeatDepression #FightDepressionSteps DEPRESSION Grace

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LW97 th... Thank you for this bro! I really needed this! :)
Gale Li... Greg I'm a 59 year old woman, separated but not divorced, my husband left me. I am also a new Christian (over the past year or so) awaiting baptism, and a disciple of Jesus. My depressive days, and I get them from time to time, always surround thoughts of my unsaved grown up children and in fact everyone I know around me are the same. None listen to my biblical issues and don't want to hear anything despite how I try to wait these days until they mention something first etc. Most of the time I end up silent. I also worry about all my dead friends and family because, apart from my Grandfather., none had any christian background and they didn't find God as I have. They were all good people but as we know this isn't necessarily enough in God's eyes is it! My only way to cope is to know that God is in control and I have no insight to why he opened my heart to him and maybe not others in my family and friends circle, dead or alive. I pray always about those around me, especially my children so I always live with hope, faith and trust in God. At times I would like to turn back the clock so as to relate differently with those who have gone before but God must have his reasons. It can, however, all make me feel sad for the possible lack of salvation for all those I love.
REINE... I dealt with very bad depression in my teenage years. I would wake up everyday and just cry and cry. It got so bad ( the depression ) that I started thinking about suicide. I was not saved then either and if I would have taken my own life then I would not be in a good place. I eventually sought professional help. I had to be on medication for about 2-3 months before the depression improved. Luckily it did and by the grace of God I’m alive today. Depression can be so difficult to deal with and it can be very hard to think anything positive even if you want to. God is good. He stopped me from taking my own life back then and he sought me out and I became born again. To anyone going through depression please don’t take your life. Seek help, it’s available and things will get better and most importantly, you have a God who loves you so much ❤️
Jamie V... Can you make a video about how to overcome anger
Max Kan... Praise to God thank you Greg
Mark Si... I suffer from depression since I was a child,I'm 51 now and still struggle mostly in the morning time.
HypeBea... I'm so happy you released this video can't wait to be on the bright side.
truth b... 8 years in jail and now preaching awesome inspirational turn around! Good onya sonya ?❤?
christ ... I m jesus christ of second comming I reborn in india I m mahdi
Zar tra... Obey the ten commandments of god and stop masturbation the best you can and listen to music that helps you express to god how you feel and helps you understand how you feel then after that share how you feel with others. Work out , sleep well, eat healthy. Is better to be sad then to be drunk.
Samya W... Thank you for helping me with this god is awesome
Andy Ig... It's also very sad, that the that fact people who are depressed will usually use drugs or commit suicide. That's one less soul coming to the kingdom of Heaven when Jesus returns.
Marco N... Just my opinion to defeat depression keep God's Commandments all 613 of them the first and most important commandment love God
Bible F... Have you ever suffered from depression? If so, how did you cope? Don't forget to download the Amazing Facts app! Link down below. Also, if you enjoy my content feel free to support my channel with a PayPal donation or Patreon pledge in any amount. Your support helps keep my channel going. God bless you!

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christ ... please give me proof Christianity is true I m seeking god and proof islam is not true
benjami... Can you please do a video on why God allows pain and suffering. And why does bad people prosper yet Christians are face with numerous challenges
Chey O... Thank you for tackling this tough topic. Well done!
Noelia ... A lot of people turn to drugs instead of turning to the Bible for answers and what's worst the drugs that take for the depression can turn into a addiction that will make the situation worst.
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