Cleanup Stellaris Distant Stars Niven Update Gameplay Part 17

Stellaris Distant Stars Niven Update Gameplay. Welcome back to Stellaris! Playing Stellaris Distant Stars with the 2.1 Niven Update. Stellaris Distant Stars adds a lot of new anomalies, new unique systems and new late game mysteries to uncover. Stellaris Distant Stars DLC on Steam: Subscribe for daily videos! Support me on Patreon! Join my Discord server to chat! Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Twitch Cleanup Stellaris Distant Stars Niven Update Gameplay

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Yacov S... Beep boop all your base are belong to us
Brutaka... Shiny new outro! I like.
Agent O... Hey Marbozir, you may already have found out since you usually play a few episodes in advance, but here it is anyway: Your underdeveloped Sector (The one at the bottom of the Sector list) has negative energy and 0 storage, which means it's performing far worse than it could be. But because it is underdeveloped (for now) anyway, it only makes a marginal difference. It could be a big issue a few episodes down the line if you haven't noticed it by then though!

I am also really enjoying the youtuber series with your totally not robots. In the latest episode you went to the negotiation table with 3 other youtubers with your sly remark "Hello fellow organics!", I spilled my coffee....
Hu Ho... Where is the second sector? I only recall one :/
Matthew... Heads up, jump drives work differently now. They are a button in the top of the fleet details window that let you go to a system within the jump range however the sub-light speed and offensive/defensive power is reduced for 90 days.
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