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Orange ... "Attemting To recconect"
A summoner has leftbthe game"
santiag... The part where pyke got gold is not a bug, its completely normal
??... My many is teemo
Woll Sm... 3:42 skadusshe
Ddos At... RiToaster
NM DS... Rito fiks tosta plz

( that was on purpose xD )
Inaaya ... The pyke one isnt a bug, when an enemy dies under pyke’s “X” (i.e. an ally kills the enemy) he gets the extra gold and an ult reset
mike614... 3:18
i don't get it, what's the bug?
somebody answer me please
Mübare... And not balanced champions
??... Man I met the disconnect bug too that.it happens only to my team. It is annoying
I bim d... Mannequin challenge in lol
KingTub... That backwards running Warwick had me dying
gibbeld... In former times you could see lots of those while playing.
But nowadays I encounter them very rarely.
Lily Y... Everytime you disconnect, span around the map and play Rae Sremmurd~Black Beattles ft. Gucci Mane.
XlMaryG... 3:37 that happened to me yesteraday but the borders were green
XlMaryG... too many bugs lately aint gonna rist my plat promos ty i ll wait next patch
GAP Cha... Song?
Some No... "My Cut"
Maurice... one time my game was cancled, I was starting the game. I found out that i can't connect, so I restarted launcher. And game disappeared. Then I checked in game history, it wasn't there. 0.o
Son ?Q ... 9:11 black alistar
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