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H1Z1 ON E3 2018 ON TWITCH! Z1 map is ready! Interview with...

✔ Twitter: ✔ Steam group: ✔ Business Email : ✔ Credits: TWITCH! ready! Interview Producer!

Najlepsze komentarze:

Manny L... H1 is fun game
Floris... Its fucking 27 june why isn't it on the live right now
LlamaGh... I swear to god don’t add that to pc
Shane... Who cares about open beta numbers? Should you care about the release numbers?
Burak S... coming history game z1
Olfert ... We want the old ar old ak back and the pattern of the weapons
Fuzzy... i want evrything back as it was in Z1 please.
Lilyan ... WTF just new map
pooperh... yea daybreak just like changing... doesnt like adding
Oh remember the hellfire LMAO
YOU SHOULDNT THE GAME MECHANICS AND MAP. Everybody knows z2 now.(car spawn,loot,etc.). So you bring back z1 that mean every thing will die on z2. Recoil and mechanics was too. Idiot daybreak.
Lenny S... New movement before release...

Shane C... This Asian f8ck shows us how inept daybreak actually is. This dude doesn't know shit. I would rather hear Zimmerman talk, atleast he plays the f8cking game. PS4 version is a f8cking failure
Obscure... these guys at daybreak, we dont just want the old map we want the old game. each update from them is one step forward and two steps back. shame.
MADDOGG... I don't know sane player that asked for those retarded console weapons added into pc
Julian ... Accept your mistakes. Delete all the patches after you lost 98% of the community. Start over again by working with the community. That could have attracted your attention ~ 1 week.. NOT FKING 2 YEARS
ConfigZ... they release it on my birthday :)
Asaiah ... We want 170 player lobbies back
Ilijas ... I though its gonna be only a patch on h1z1 ?. They are releasing a complete game out ?
Luke Po... If its fucking ready then PUT IT ON TEST!!!
Ladisla... Where Is old ar models
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6rbg12r4TnnEp4FsEoK7TQ