Gears 5 vs Gears of War 4 Character Models Early Comparison

There it is guys Gears of War 5...ekhem... mean Gears 5 has been offcially announced on E3 2018 Microsoft Press Conference. It will inroduce Kait as a mian character, and events will be set after GoW4 (obviously). Anyway, since there aare some footage already available lets take a look on how the character design has been change since previous installment in the series. Please note that GoW4 foota has been zoomed a little to match Gear 5 camera angle so it may not look as crisp as it in reality. Nevertheless, please do not treat this video as graphics comparison, I only wanted to show differences in Character Models. Enjoy! Gears 5 E3 2018 Demo: Music: Forest of Fear by Aakash GandhiGears Gears Character Models Early Comparison

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crazy c... Who is the grub killer?
Tommy V... no shit its still the SAME Model old man face Marcus. if just the beard is shaved off. still the same winkles on his face. the cheeks and eye socket. Marcus is stikl old. not young. its like in real life how seeing and old man shaving his beard off would make him seem younger. but you can tell there faces are still old no matter what. i hate how people think hes younger. just compare the faces. its just less hair on his face in GoW5. he still carrys over the old age look. he just trimmed himself up thats all. end of argument
Elann S... Those saying downgrade need to take another look. In Gears of War 4, you can see a ton of post-processing effect. In Gears of War 5, there's a lot more clarity, a lot less post-processing and everything looks more organic. More crisp.
braando... I haven’t been caught up with Gears for a while but what happened to JD? Has information been revealed yet about his arm injury?
Jafeth ... How the fuck Marcus looks younger and everyone look older, jeez have been just 9 fuckin months
Marcus ... Kate looked hotter before. And yeah, the characters looked better on g4. Except for JD, he looks good on g5
Travel ... I don't like JD's new look and kait is just bad looking without her hat
XxPotat... WARNING Salty PS4 player below. Their gonna go "weLl wE gOt tLOU2 and gHoSt of Nutt STOP dickriding!" I'm finna get attacked rip me
TheUnpp... 4 looks better xd
Chris W... Marcus looking younger then JD :thinking:
Ricky O... Game won't be out till next year so I'm surprised to see these videos. At least it's not like GTA and their misleading clickbait title lol. GOW4 Marcus wasn't looking very healthy probably from depression after everything he's been through. He looks a lot healthier in GOW5 but JD look like he went through a serious near death experience lol.
IMA Bul... 4 looks better a lot of the time.

god of war destroys all of it.
Ezio It... Bad comparison
LAYFR b... يمين بالله شيي
LAYFR b... انا متحمس للعبة
Guilher... R.i.p Xbox ??
Nindiev... Thank fuck, that hipster beanie and eyebrow ring are gone.
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