Crypto Genesis ciekawostki

Crypto Genesis ciekawostki

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Cryptoads The ICO Review | A powerful advertising platform...

website CryptoAds Marketplace is a powerful decentralized marketing and advertising platform built on Ethereum Blockchain. CFC Company developed a cloud based software system for internal use and B2C sector; and now it’s time for expanding into the growing B2B marketplace. The platform is completely transparent and provides secure solutions for brands, digital advertisers, marketers, content publishers and everyday Internet users, who receive the opportunity to trade directly without the need for centralized ad exchanges. CryptoAds Marketplace will give to advertisers an opportunity to place a variety of ad units (native video, live casting ads, 360 ads, “in the round”, vertical video, in app, and walls) at an unlimited number of traffic sources with AI and Blockchain technologies and without having to worry about proper execution. CryptoAds model is already implemented inside project (launched in 2005) with 7M registered users and profit generating returns. This project will be base to growing platform worldwide.Cryptoads Review powerful advertising platform built Ethereum

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romol16... how could you not love the team! <3
puchacz... feel the smell of lambo here
Julia T... all you need is crypto :D
beowulf... guys you are the best <3333
bebikox... great opportunity right here :))))
Weed Ma... what the freak the hype here will be REAL
Old Dea... 10/10 project
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coldcat... this is what i love about crypto
Szymek ... love love love just B U Y
puchacz... bought myself a 100$ share X^^
Alex Ro... excellent video can you please a video on usechain ico
Stevan ... Good catch! Maybe you should think about making review of Contract Vault....They are new ICO making legal and smart contracts
Justina... we always watch your video we are thinking to invest some on ico usechain can you please suggest us
Jordan ... Excellent work as always. Looking forward to the next set of reviews
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Sadie W... do you practise my friend?
Ann Boy... Excellent reviews !
Ervin N... thank you, more excellent work.
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