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All Forza Horizon Games E3 Trailer Announcements 2012 2018

0:05 Forza Horizon (E3 2012) Xbox 360 Modestep Show Me A Sign 2:00 Forza Horizon 2 (E3 2014) Xbox 360, Xbox One R3hab & NERVO & Ummet Ozcan Revolution 3:48 Forza Horizon 3 (E3 2016) Windows 10, Xbox One Ursine Vulpine ft. Annaca Wicked Game 5:28 Forza Horizon 4 (E3 2018) Windows 10, Xbox One Surfing the Apocalypse (feat. Chelsea Davis) I Can See For Miles MotoGamesTVForza Horizon Games Trailer Announcements

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Danny V... The FH2 Opener is supposed to be Bassnectar
guy git... like for Forza Horizon 5
Samoht ... i love the last trailer so much??
kano b... Back when everyone was on the Shrillex and dubstep wave
Charlie... FH1 7/10 (a good start to the series but needs improvement, as it wasn’t as freedom-full as I expected)
FH2 10/10 (made the biggest shift out of any of the other games, and did it so seamlessly and perfect (it was also the first horizon game I played so no bias lol))
FH3 8/10 (everything was as good as FH2, some things even better, but the only problem was the map; extremely forgettable)
FH4 ?/10 (the 2nd riskiest out of the bunch but looks the best especially in the location it’s in, I have a good feeling it could be the best game I’ve ever played, but I haven’t played it yet so we don’t know but I sure as hell hyped)
Esjuan... I swear if FH5 isnt some were in asia it better be in fucking mars or someshit
souja u... Forza Horizon 4 Germany DLC?
souja u... Hope 5 is will finally be in Japan
Wicked ... I just got chills watching horizon 4 trailer ??
FlimsyS... I hate how this is an exclusive XBOX game.
But it is what it is.
FoxYHer... The only best open world game, I know that the crew 2 has better graphics but not gameplay.. Forza Horizon has a bit lower graphics than TC2 but it has the best gameplay..
???????... Я играю эту часть но погоды у меня нет.Только солнечно
Forzuh... I’m Having Chills Watching This. First I Was A Newcomer, Then Was Invited To Europe, Then Since I Was The Best I Became The Boss, Being The Boss Was Too Much, So We Came To Europe Again In Britain. <— Basically All The Games Summed Up.
Bryan S... Yay bugatti chiron
Random ... Making the horizon games was the best decision they've ever had.
{some f... fh1 and fh2 are the only horizon games that actually MENTION the festival
horizon 3 kinda messed up
Cloudy ... Forza horizon 4 should’ve been in London honestly
G... How come the r8 in fh3 changed from the old to new in the trailer
NightAv... These trailers are a firm example of how Horizon never fails to impress!!
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