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Lets Play Moonlighter Part 6 Upgrades PC Gameplay

Lets Try Moonlighter, shall we? Moonlighter is an action RPG, where you play as an adventurous shopkeeper you run your store during the day and explore the dungeons during the night. Moonlighters gameplay is a mix of dungeon crawling and shop management. Moonlighter on Steam: Subscribe for daily videos! Support me on Patreon! Join my Discord server to chat! Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Twitch Moonlighter Upgrades Gameplay

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Deluded... This was very sloppy.

Please read carefully, there's a difference between "destroys one item" and "destroys one item CURSE"
saladin... I usually don't criticize but you're unusually sloppy in this game and I'm actually playing it too this time. You're a merchant in this game man. Makes no sense keeping three lockers full of stuff "because I need it". You don't. Actually you need to sell them. All your upgrades are in sync with the dungeon you're tackling at that time. You don't need to worry you'll need "fabric" later as long as you use your wishlist properly. Once you get to the second dungeon all your upgrades will require stuff from that area. Managing your inventory is critical in this game. Going to the dungeon with half full inv is stupid, not bringing healing too. Not reading what the curses do is sloppy. You missed one chest in this playthrough and didn't pick up several expensive items because you assumed the curses do something else they actually did. Pick up everything, prioritize and destroy the rest. Use the positive curses to stack items or send them home and SELL all the sh*t ;-). Other than that, stay awesome!
Marcos ... Hey Marbozir, you know you can use the Shield to stun the Boulder!!!
ghosthi... Can you charge the attack with a spire??
Milambe... a nice couple of runs but lol entering the dungeon with a half filled backpack and no healing is not the greatest of idea's you missed 1 skelleton and forgot to loot 1 chest after defeating the room but you were in a hurry to find the healing pool so i understand. and btw it is not recommended to sell a stack of items of wich you have no idea of its value since you can sell the rest at a better price. and maybe upgrade your bed for more health since you only need money for that
crc car... the begining of each episode is with sales marbs, "hey, buy my suff", later it is fight marbs "hey, kill that stuff", at the end it is craft marbs "hey, craft my stuff". well, at least the game has a nice background music
UNKNOWN... 0 views :O it was wprth staying up at 2 oclock in the morning for marbs vid btw this game looks awesome marbs keep it up !!
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