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Cycu1 ciekawostki

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Resident Evil 2 Remake vs Original Early Graphics Comparison

Resident Evil 2 has been finally shown to the wide audience and it looks amazing. Lets confront it with the great originial running on PS One. Enjoy! Video source Resident Evil 2 E3 2018 Trailer: Resident Evil PS One footage: Music: Spine Chilling Cardiac Tension by Biz Baz StudioResident Remake Original Early Graphics Comparison

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Onyx Ga... Ew the original looks waaay better this new remake garbage looks gross like a 20 year-old potato
Apple G... Leon and claire was more cute in original
Sky... I’m hyped for this and I don’t even play resident evil
cire2fu... I thought the first girl's name was Cycu1 lol
Geeky G... Wow I didn't know you could play as Zoey from Left 4 Dead in RE2 remake! It's a pity Claire isn't in the game.
iambura... 1:35 Zoey from L4D? xD
Claire ... Claire is so beautiful i love it^^
Residen... Why don't show us Ada? I mean, we know Ada is a character from the RE2 original.
Mint... I hope they remaster all of them so I get a chance to play them without the terrible camera angle
Butcher... Yes, I know every one likes OMG. Graphically so far I am astounded, but we all know that graphics aren't what makes a great game.
I'm sure it'll be awesome to play, I'll have to check it out.
patrick... shouldve kept the original clothes.
RivantC... Huh, Claire does kinda look like Adrianne Frantz did when she was in the original RE2 trailer directed by Romero.
derek r... Everyone but claire looks fine (dont know why their trying to make her look like anne halfway) doesnt even look like her anymore sad face
Chris R... running on PS One? hahahaha. You used scenes from gamecube version.
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