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Rise of the Tomb Raider vs Shadow of the Tomb Raider Character...

Heres a short comparison of the character models between Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Which one do you like better? Shadow of the Tomb Raider E3 2018 Gameplay Trailer: Music: Distant Lands by Hanu DixitRaider Shadow Raider Character Model Comparison

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Nic B...0:51 makes shadow of the Tomb Raider look like a ps3 game.
Kim Gon...The old lara is cuter the new one looks a little manly and the way her way is parted looks kinda weird
Azzam a...The new one looks good but Rise of the Tomb Rider have amazing graphics.
Sofia J...The water difference though ?
Pedro M...The old shit looks way more realistic, great job Squareenix you just ruined Tomb Raider and TOP the best downgrades after Ubisoft's and EA's
ahp hod...While Uncharted gets better physics and graphics ,Tomb Rider manages some how to get worse each time. Are they even trying anymore?
Anthony...The hell has happened here? The character models looks like plastic...
MrChees...What the fuck went wrong here
Tiny...3rd time got jonah right atleast lol
samal90...ok the problem here is that in ROTTR, the videos he chose for comparison are not from in-game assets, while in SOTR, it looks like all cinematics will be from in-game assets. This is why it looks so much better on the left.
Ape Rul...the graphics for the new one looks like a Black Ops game. Basically a downgrade compared to the last game
marty m...RoTR definitely looks better
Quicker...I've played every single Tomb Raider since the first one on Sega Saturn.
The Lara's face from 'Definitive Edition' was perfect but Lara from 'Rise' and 'Shadow'...
I don't get it, what's the point, I mean why the hell did they want to fucked up an excellent art design work.
However it was, she's not sexy, has no strong character, or even beautiful anymore.
She was like a Bond girl, a femme-fatale but now... She's just the opposite point.

P.S.: They should rename the series to 'The Fall of Tomb Raider'.
Eustace...I miss the old Lara Croft that used to be a super confident sexy badass. She exudes none of these traits now
DJ7thnz...What. A. Downgrade.
Younes ...rise of the tomp rider grabichs is better or juste me?
Noob de...That hair is FAILURE
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