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Crypto Genesis ciekawostki

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EthBay The ICO Review

here you can visit the website :) Ethbay is an online marketplace that is closely similar to eBay, permitting users to buy or sell tangible or intangible items using Ethereum. At a price of just 1%, Ethbay charges a substantially lower fee than eBay or any other standard fiat marketplace. Ethbay charges no listing fees for sellers on the platform, opening up the space to free listings, which is in stark contrast to the accepted industry standard. Ethbay uses an ultra secure Ethereum smart contract escrow solution to ensure the safety and security of both parties when transacting. In addition, Ethbay provides one of the first truly anonymous marketplaces where no personal information is required for registration. This includes an encrypted messaging system when interacting with other users for increased privacy. Best of all, holders of the EBY token are entitled to proportional shares of whatever fees are generated on the platform. In the future, Ethbay plans to add additional features to the platform including Ethbay Services where users can buy and sell services using Ethereum (essentially a decentralized fiverr) as well as Ethbay Classifieds where users can buy and sell locally using Ethereum as a base currency. ◄BUSINESS CONTACT► ★ Mail: ★ Telegram: @xerororEthBay Review

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romol16... idk what would i do without you #TEAM!
p50/50p... 7/10 ICO 10/10 review
Szymek ... power of crypto knowledge right here
puchacz... this is freaking hoooooooooooooooooot
Weed Ma... can i donate you after i get my lambo :D :D
One ste... think i went in a bit too hard tho XD
bebikox... i can imagine the HYPE already :D 50 days to go
beowulf... ps are there any social media to find ya guys ?
beowulf... another extremely legit project from the boys ;)))
Julia T... chillbay :D im going in here, like the name with ETH
Crypto ... If you need intro or outro for your videos , just hit me up
Natalie... do you practise my friend?
Kelly A... Thanks a million. You are amazing! I am learning a lot from you !
Alan Va... Thanks again for your work. That helps a lot !
Israel ... Excellent reviews !
Maureen... When hashgraph ico and how much per coin?
Alexis ... thank you, more excellent work.
Moses S... Hashgraph is selling 6% for $300m
Robyn F... You are always waaaaaaaay ahead of everyone else!
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