Rosenfeld Cool Cool Boy Jonth Remix

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J4M13... I'm in love :O
• IxM... Good song building up to the drop but the drop itself is too generic... bored me. Rest of it was ace though
Lluís ... The remix totally fits the track with an innovative sound in the drop that makes this unique track so interesting ? congrats Jonth!
Jos Pie... Sounds amazing, definitely my style
Akeeb... Jonth is too good. Way too good. That lead is soooo juicy and brings some future funk vibes to some great future bounce
KnightL... This track is AMAZING!! ❤️????
Anthony... Illumi never disappoints! ?
Suave n... Banger Song <3 lol
Fantastic Channel ;)
Communi... ayyy, nice on Illumi! ??
DjGlort... BIG UPS ILLUMI! ??
Ontari... I don't know why but this song gives me jazz & New Orleans vibes haha, it's probably the melody. I love it.
Primal ... Good one! Love those visuals! ❤️
Jota P... Something different! Congrats Jonth!
cucky c... I expected a little more by Jonth.

This track gets rated a ❤ Average Heart ?
Nofus... The quality of the vocals is bad coz Jonth stretched it so much
TodoAnd... ?????????
flo077... i was thinking maybe you could just delay a little bit the acceleration of the camera relative to the triangle to make the movements more lively (just an idea)...
Sumant... Wait is that piano sample the same from This Could Be Us
quadtab... Fucking banger ???
Illumi ... Brand new remix by Jonth! This is some new direction in the future house!
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