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Marbozir ciekawostki

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Lets Play Moonlighter Part 11 Desert Dungeon

Lets Try Moonlighter, shall we? Moonlighter is an action RPG, where you play as an adventurous shopkeeper you run your store during the day and explore the dungeons during the night. Moonlighters gameplay is a mix of dungeon crawling and shop management. Moonlighter on Steam: Subscribe for daily videos! Support me on Patreon! Join my Discord server to chat! Follow me on Twitter Follow me on Twitch Moonlighter Desert Dungeon

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Tom Sko... Marbs, Just like how the shield and sword have a secondary attach (defend), all of the other weapons do too. The Bow for instance lets you charge up and shoot an arrow for 2x damage that goes through enemies and obstacles.
mattrg3... marbs something goofed with this upload, it's a little zoomed for some reason
Ion Dra... It seems that the "Fragile" items have a vertical health bar that you can see draining.
Belkin ... Why is the game zoomed? It's terrible like this. Without any information about your health, funds, etc.
Milambe... Yea having the game zoomed in is not needed, but you upgrading your bed fir more health can surely not be too expensive?
Doomerg... Unknown items are cursed to be like that
Guthix7... I wonder if what happened to the resolution is reversable? If so, I'm eagerly waiting for the reupload ^^
NZAnime... What'll the next Civ series be?:P
Humpty ... Can you zoom back out for the next episodes? Can't tell how much damage you are taking, what any of the items are, well can see half the text so can guess a bit, no map so no idea where you are going etc least for the dungeons anyway. :) edit: Actually even in town we can't see your total funds or upgrade item properties etc.
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