A City Of Eternal Night - Adrian Pietrzak

\"Theres more toe.\" Prepare yourself because theres a lot of work putted into the uing ones! Meanwhile check out right now the new track \"A City Of Eternal Night\". Any fans of Analogish sounds of past.. or electronic of future? This is something tot

Krystian: Omg with soft tones from 90s... amazing!
Rylinth Anderfel: Whoah, really liking this. More than normal, that is.
michael yunes: Where gone dubstep :c
Emiliano Flores: Glad to have you back IC. Really missed your work. I've watched this so many times, it just reminds me of times long past that I've never lived.
Quiescent: YouTube keeps recommending me this for some odd reason...
Alexandre LOCQUET: Soooooo cool! Yes! We need more!!!
tertius erasmus: once again you have made this heart beat to the rythm of life... :)
Mein Ehr, Mein Loyalität KoroGro: It's been... 6 years... since I've been here glad Im back and glad to see you back
zartex krontaculys: lol, you're starting to act like JonTron with these uploads, but it's waaaaay worth the wait
AndyMikeRust AndyMikeRust: So glad your back!
Leo The Lion: I love your music as always im sorry for getting mad at you... (about your gf if you know who i am)
Vanessza Kovács: Oh, you're back!!!! That's so awesome!!
Elismar Moraes: This guys came from Jupiter and land in this planet to bring us sobrenatural songs.
Filming buzz: still alive here
KatLove: I
Instrumental Core
Thank you that you are
bargene journey: so happy for your return bro wanna see more creative music like that and hymn of valor
Instrumental Core: To all those people surprised that "I came back": I'm going to tie my life with music yet for as long as my heart can run. "I'm here" every possible day, don't get rid of me so quickly!
It's very nice to read so many positive words, and I need to thank you for your support once again! Keep it up, just like as I do✍️?
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZh3ONKJ9u4