best friend original meme

this is totally a filler animation im working on my birthday animation which i will upload on 19th of july i wanted to upload a collab video before birthday animation but BEH so i had to do something else and yeah i made this trash, i didnt want to do a meme, but i didnt have an idea for an easy animation that takes less than one week to do so i did this. i dont like when character is randomly dancing to a music, or dong random things so i turned it into a phone app i believe?? still dont like it tho i promise that my next animation will be better, at least im trying to make it better q. can i do this a. you can turn this into a meme if you want, i dont really care (thats why i put original meme in the title) q. why the comments are disabled a. because i dont like this video and i dont feel being social atm im sorry amino app: patreon: instagram: deviantart: twitter: discord server: song: LAGUNE X TOKYO WANDERER Best Friend programs: adobe animate cc, paint tool sai, sony vegasfriend original

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