95% CDR GRAGAS! 0s CD Body Slam Hilarious!

I would rather not get Body Slammed by him like this... ➤ Send me your replays here: ➤ Become a member/sponsor: ➤ Follow me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Discord and Subreddit! I’m part of the official League Partner Program with Riot Games. You can read about the program here: GRAGAS! Hilarious!

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IVickto... W F T
Kvng Ly... Fat irish man goes to jail for raping a yordle
Hungmys... When u hop in someone conversation and starts to roast them for no reason
Bentron... okay this is epic, im trying this one
CBonez... When Gragas finally works out after 10 years.
]üñî... "Sedentário has slain amante do jukes"HSUAHSUAHSUAHSUAHSAHSUAHA
TheChao... ok i havent been on league on months, is all this 0s cd stuff a thing? like, can i do this in ranked??? what is even happening?
Frosty ... Anyone else notice that if you recall innervating locker passive will trigger
Wacky T... Vandiril: finds a bug
Riot: Gragas has been disabled due to a game breaking bug
JaiPasC... I was going to sleep but now I want to do it before they hotfix it !!!
SavkE... 34th view :)
Jhin... Report Gragas, he's playing like he's drunk...
The23rd... Lol I guess I wasn't expecting different.
Twinkle... Too fat, too furious.
Vân L... How many bugs does you find in this mode ?
Andrzej... santa wants to know your location
Fulano ... Whistle Rape!!!
screwpe... can i get a heart please
Liquici... The absolute fattest of nuts
LanFour... Demonetized
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