This is why Sion got DISABLED! and Nunu should be too!

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TCM Mur... Apparently in PBE this got slighly fixed by increasing the burnt damage x4 when you are out of the ring, making this impossible for the players to reach the base without dying.
I guess some of the changes there didnt make it though to live server, just like the Nocturne ult one.

But its fine since PBE its the best place to test stuff and report bugs, so the PBE team fixes them before those are getting launched in live.

wait a second...
Steven ... Brand got burned. How ironic
Timmy L... Now, what happens if one Sion from each side did this
Chris C... nunu vs sion last 2 remaining fighters both run out of the cage and trap everyone in game
Jessé ... think out of the cage literally...
carlos ... Quiero intentarlo
Team Mr... What the actuall f ?
Jakhoub... I wonder if you can do this with kayn's e...
MrDrago... What happens when both sides go to their base?
Issac T... ok but can we give props to the neeko doing the 1v2 and still winning after nunu w'ed out of the ring
Vynycyu... Kled can do this too!
omar be... Kled no? :c
Asencio... Veigar: Reportred
Anticli... Did u see a Galio ulting a teammate?
Lucas P... HAHA good video
SharkSt... Oh, I experienced something similar to this with a kled ult. I messed it up and didn't hit anyone, and then i ended up charging outside of the ring. Unlike here, though, I ended up walking back inside the ring automatically for some reason.
Marcel5... Hahah this is so dumb
CBonez... Then they all chat ''hacks!''
Ahmad F... how about kled??
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