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Tune in to see Victoria Bane become Storm! In this new episode of Marvel Becoming, learn how a fan found a home in comics and cosplay, no matter who told her that she couldn’t do it! ► Subscribe to Marvel: Watch more from Marvel Becoming: Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪ Like Marvel on FaceBook: ‪ For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: ‪ Instagram: Google+: ‪marvel Pinterest: ‪Storm Marvel Becoming

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Corky G... she just needs the blue contact lenses
Ashley ... Storm is my favorite X-Men and you look great!
LaVena ... Keep doing your thing niece!! Embrace your haters !! Trust me!
AngeloX... Why is this video getting so many dislikes? This video is great!
Bachelo... So Proud of you???

Always believe in yourself

Have will to take action

Have faith

Have hope

Have love for yourself & things you want
War Cha... 26 seconds in special not equal treatment starts.
firered... You go Girl!!! Always follow your dreams and grab them never let anyone take that away! I hope this inspires all young African American ladies , girls and women to never back down!
Goblin ... It’s almost like as time goes on more heroes are made ?
D Ldez... What is this?? A movie, a show, a person spotlight? What
Sonia C... Amazing work! You are very talented.
Joseph ... She's a good storm
Hepsi O... Filmii çıksınnnn lütfennnn
Hepsi O... Lütfen stormun filmi çıksınnn lütfennnnn
F Jay... I’m very disappointed. Storm is my favorite character to have ever been made. This video is amazing and sheds light on how amazing Storm is and how important she is.
BUT INSTEAD I read stupid comments of people wanting the Avengers trailer, therefore disliking a video of my Storm. It’s rather stupid and small minded of people to be so angry over a trailer not being released that you would dislike a video of Storm.
Lady Ta... This title and thumbnail (which is beautiful, btw) should've been more clear that this is not a trailer. Not a good reason to dislike it, though. But it should've had something about cosplay in the title.
Mesa Am... I love her story, but I have always found the representation of different people strange. Me, as a caucasian, bisexual female, have never felt represented by the media. I am curvy and I have short and colored hair. Where is that representation? Where does that exist?
Ralph... You go girl!!!
Dejio D... Costume’s spot on.
Shivaan... Y’all are extremely embarrassing to the rest of us Marvel fans. Not only is it childish and immature that you would go on a “dislike campaign”, but also, this story was so inspiring, and you have no right to dislike it just because you want a rushed trailer.
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