Volkswagen up! GTI ENG Test Drive and Review

Travelling? Book your next stay using this link Well both get 50 PLN (~12 EUR) off on next accommodation! I have a 20 PLN promo code from mytaxi for you: marekwie2. Download the app and enter the promo code to redeem Help me make better reviews: GTI GIVEAWAY TERMS & CONDITIONS: Volkswagen up! GTI was officially presented in May 2018 during Volkswagen fan fest in Wörthersee. 115 hp, sub 9 0 100 km/h time, and less than a 1000 kg. This means Volkswagen up! GTI is still heavier than the original Golf GTI, but it’s slightly more powerful, and has more torque, making it a fun, reasonably priced car. Starting price: 17 000 euro As tested: 18 500 euro Also watch: VW GTI Tour VW up! Fiat Panda Ford Fiesta ST 200 Ford Fiest ST Abarth 500 Fiat 500 Peugeot 208 GTI MINI JCW GP2 Suzuki Swift Sport Mazda MX 5 Follow me: @mwieruszewski #MarekDrives #VolkswagenUp #GTIVolkswagen Drive Review

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