Forza Motorsport 7 Wheel Stand Pro with Thrustmaster TS XW...

Setup: Thrustmaster TS XW Racer Sparco P310 Competition Mod wheel mounted on Wheel Stand Pro Deluxe V2, Thrustmaster TH8A Add On Shifter mounted on Wheel Stand Pro RGS Module MotoGamesTV #WheelStandPro #Thrustmaster #Forza7Forza Motorsport Wheel Stand Thrustmaster Racer Sparco Wheel

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Keevi R... My boy got pumas on
kmlwojc... Nice work, great driving. Hell of an equipment!
DarkMik... only 90 degrees of rotation......
windows... it doesn't sound like the insides of a car
Poindex... How much is this racing wheel cost? Cuz I need one for my setup

P.S. I like racing games
Jacob H... Where’d you get the sparco gloves?
Tyler... It kinda pains me that this is being used for Forza. Idk why, its just weird to me that people use high-tech wheels for things other than hardcore sims.
MrYammi... Great video. Was that R class 900 or 835? and what was ur best time on mugello? Wondering if I buy a new wheel
olevet7... Forza motosport 90° rotation yikes, wondering what's the FFB like, prolly waist of equipment. Surprised they have Mugello even..
LFA... You Driving with any Helps? Simulation or Normal Steering?
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