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Long War 2 Let's Play XCOM 2 Part 62 Retaliation

Welcome to Long War 2! This is an XCOM 2 Let's Play series with the Long War 2 mod. Long War 2 is a total conversion mod for XCOM 2, featuring a much longer campaign, infiltration mechanics that require multiple squads at once, managing resistance havens, nine soldier classes, two new weapon tiers, many new enemies and ADVENT strategic AI that tries to counter your moves. Enjoyed the video? Please consider subscribing for more XCOM 2 and Long War 2 content as well as other games! Let&039;s Retaliation

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StuartR... I always buy Elite Auto-Loaders whenever I see them. They are amazing for Rangers and Gunners.
o0aless... What I learned about LW2 so far:

- Red Fog is pretty much mandatory.
- The "strategic" layer is a puzzle with one of two specific solutions. Pick one and apply it, and don't think about third alternatives.
- You should open ambushes with a flamethrower.
- Go hi-def holo and holotarget often - either once with rapid targeting or twice without it.
James B... One more tip: use the red fog mechanic to your advantage. Red Fog means any unit (organic??) that is damaged (I.e. true damage not damage soaked up by ablative armor) has penalties to aim will and a few other things. This applies to Xcom and Advent.

That's why some high powered units have such high aim methinks, to counter red fog. So spreading out damage when you can't kill is very useful.
o0aless... So, I was expectnig to get to the end of this episode and find "well, this campaign is done, better luck next time."

Instead I find "oh, we could try to do the black site..."

It doesn't sound like you are entirely convinced this is unwinnable, Commander.

I'm not implying anything by that, just saying you don't really sound like you are entirely convinced that this is unwinnable.
Scott F... Nice. I figured you were fed up with LW2 after the last mission, but I'm surprised to see a new episode today
Felix H... So the gatekeeper reanimated a mec wreck into a zombie? That's some psonic power right there.
fez... Marbs, I would cheese the hell out of this campaign. I would actually start by infiltrating those facilities and then instantly calling for an evac to activate that bug you uncovered last episode. How will advent feel about that little dark event of your own?
o0aless... 33 hp, 7 armor. Let's say an average shot at this point does around 10 damage. We are looking at an unshredded total of 11 shots to kill this thing. So, 22 shots, given that it has 45 defense, so half of them will be misses. 3-4 turns, depending on squad size.

That's effectively a total of 200 hp (unshredded).

And it deals up to 21 damage on a crit.

With 85 base aim.

That doesn't sound right.
o0aless... It seems to me that it would be easy to rebalance the issues in LW2: first, have dark events only trigger in regions with advent stregth 4 or higher. Then give the player the option to assault facilities everywhere, even without a haven, to reduce advent strength. Liberated regions never trigger dark events, so liberating the entire world removes dark events entirely (but not avatar progress, since the main facility still advances the project).

Tell the player about all that.

Bam. Done.

Now the player can decide whether they want to rush every single haven and then possibly liberate every single region, or keep reducing strength to delay dark projects.

Rushing havens is more efficient, but takes resources that you could otherwise use to strengthen your soldiers, whereas reducing advent strength requires time and effort, and risks soldiers' lives, but can be done from day one and provides additional experience.

But apparently forcing players to rush havens is a better choice. Fair enough.
Andrew ... Chase mission that say hacking resistance comp with intel package cause those are your best shot to get facility leads.Also extract VIPs might do it but happened to me only once.Focus some intel heavy regions n scan there to get them.Destroying radion relays help to counter dark events so chase them also
James B... Hey Marbs you can do it man! You can salvage this campaign. I love watching this long war campaign because it challenges you and that you have a chance to fail. That makes every mission we watch seem meaningful and important.

I was scouting some other long war players to see if I could pick up tips to maybe help you through this. As always, you can take or leave the advice as you see fit.

1. Focus Fire costs only 1 action point and every time you shoot that marked target the aim bonus goes up by 5. I can't confirm, but I don't think their is a limit to how much it can stack. It's a really great ability to take down gate keepers or other high health targets. (I believe that includes fan fire, cyclic, light em up, chain shot, and rapid fire). After bumping up the aim to counter any defensive bonus and then some, you can setup a devastating cyclic fire, precision shot, or other high damage ability almost guaranteed.

2.Regular hold targeting also only costs 1 action and leaves you still able to do something with the sniper that turn. With the way your snipers are built you could even rapid target one target, regular holo target another, lightning hands, and then shoot your pistol/fan fire/face off.

For example, dealing with a gate keeper with all shots setup: You could focus fire(+5 to target) with your officer, rapid target (+10 rapid target added to the +5:: now +15), if you have quick draw fire it (added +5 for cumalitive aim bonus:: now +20 on gate keeper), next lightning hands (now +25), finally a regular pistol shot (now +30). For the next character you could use a ranger to take two shots or use gunner to use chain shot or an assault to use rapid fire (+40 aim). At this point you've used 3 characters, likely done some decent damage, and almost completely negated the gate keepers innate defensive bonus (with holotargetter mk 2 you would have negated it).

Phew, that was long. If any of this helps, I am glad to be of service. Go get those advent assholes!
Julia H... We'll get flanked... So let's use Spacebar as a mimic beacon!
Ege Ta?... Hey Marbs keep it up, you can do it. This campaign is not lost if you focus on expanding. Once you make contact with 2-3 more regions advent will have to spread its strength allowing you to do missions in 3-5 advent strength regions. I suggest building radio relays and make contact with everywhere ASAP. As for the Intel needed for this you have a lot of datapads I believe ( you get around 5 from HQs). As for the next game if you drop lw2 it will be just too easy for you after this campaign, the only reason you are challenged by the co op campaign is that you have different playstyles, the layouts are not ideal, bugs with ammo and the fact lost many soldiers. Not to mention you are still doing fine. If you had done it solo it would have been a massacre. It was your first lw2 game it was new and you made some mistakes I believe you can handle LW2 on legend in the future with ease.
Nighty ... My advent force mission bugged so bad, i had nonstop reinforcements when i reached the last pod near the suit and it was just 1 Sectopod roaming around and destroying the building it was kinda funny but i ended the mission with 107 kills and there were still coming reinforcements (sometimes 2 pods of 6-7 units at the same turn)
Jeannet... That was a super fun mission to watch! Great stuff, Marbs.
Werlay ... so your still playing
TrollFa... can i put mod on xcom2 on my xbox one ???
???? ??... Always refreshing to see you wipe the floor with those fools, Marbs))
Ax Bx... cheese it!
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