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Illumi Music ciekawostki

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Ryan Harvey & Kyolo Third Degree Ft. Stevyn

Ryan Harvey & Kyolo Third Degree (Ft. Stevyn) Free download: »» Illumi Trap: »» Illumi Bass: We do not own all the material we're posting on our channel. If you are a copyright owner and want your work to be removed PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST through e mail: We will delete this upload immediately. Follow Illumi: »» »» »» Follow Ryan Harvey: »» »» »» »» Follow Kyolo: »» »» »» »» Follow Stevyn : »» »» »» »» Follow Tuvali: »» »» »» Snapchat: IllumiMusic Promo »» Contact »» Merch »» Visuals made by Vacades »» Harvey & Kyolo Third Degree Stevyn

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Illumi ...Brand new track from Ryan Harvey & Kyolo and Stevyn on the vocals. You can't not like this awesome collab.

Free download:
DJ CriC...Tasty drop!
Adam this track got 6 dislikes is beyond me :O:O
Wut Wut...Hey Illumi, just wanna say this channel has been stealing content from your channel so you might wanna do something about that.
Just Li...I am setting up this new promotion channel! Support me so that I can start supporting others :)
Voxinit...Amazing track
that upload is awesome
Haplow...I kinda liked it when you uploaded the full track including the intro.
Matheus...Yesss!! I was waiting for this one since they dropped the preview!! It has such a cool vibe, and Stevyn's vocals just add even more to this masterpiece <3
Stevyn ...Lyrics:
"Free me from this triangle,
I'm now the third degree,
I was the original,
But now it's you and him,

Free me from this triangle,
Of your infidelity,
I was the original,
I'm now the third degree,"
Joellé...amazing track guys well done <3
Top Hou...Interesting melody…

Native...Vote for My New Tech House Track On Spinnin! <3 It would mean a lot :) Sorry For Spam but this is the only way people can notice me :(
Cannonh...Kyolo <3
Ro Ben...he was talking about illumi triangle XD
PTRK...Drop buttons:

N'joy (;
Larry...One of my favourite songs on this channel. JESUS CHRIST THAT DROP WTF WTF WTF
LoftySo...This is lit <3
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