Streets of Rogue Let's Play Part 1 Alpha 20 Gameplay]

Welcome to Let's Play Streets of Rogue! Streets of Rogue is a rogue lite, where you sneak, hack and beat your way through the streets of randomly generated cities. Streets of Rogue gameplay involves achieving specific mission goals in any way you like, through the use of special character traits, items, environment and more. Streets of Rogue Playlist ► Enjoyed the video? Please consider subscribing for more Streets of Rogue content as well as other games! You can find Streets of Rogue on Steam at You can also find me on: Patreon: Twitter: Discord: Twitch: Endslate music from Epidemic SoundStreets Rogue Let&039;s Alpha Gameplay]

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Marbozi...Forgot to mention Streets of Rogue is actually free this weekend on Steam! (11th-12th March)
PoDH...I'm looking for you unique laugh much more than the game.
gillyzx...Codpiece...protect your junk. LMAO
??...I like Marbs get the key and still want to use lockpick to open the door
Akira N...I think its a good game for marbs ^^
Brikkwa...Good music.
mrs0019...Any point exploring the additional rooms or picking up shinies on the floor?
Joe Shm...I'd enjoy seeing more, Marbs. Gonna have to play this one myself too.
stars n...This is a pretty ridiculous game, in a good way. :p It's great!
Good Fe...Looks like a fun little game, will try it out.
vcwchen...'i dont want to kill them'
five seconds later
'lets kill them with machine guns why not?'
12thMat...I saw this game on steam and I wasn't sure to get it or not. Now watching you play it I am thinking more towards buying the game :D
Donkey ...I want more glad to see a group of Devs with sense of humor
wheelz ...awesome keeping playing...just curious where are you from Marbz?
Rosstic...Is there an option to reduce screen shake?
Steamin...Mazbozir: I was really enjoying "Lack of Oxygen" are U going to continue that series ???
imagina...I'm looking through steam rogue section to find a new game to play, find this one, it seems fun and i'm like "might as well on youtube to see some gameplay"... and Marbz just started a serie for this game.
I'm no longer an atheist.
Scott S...Looks like Enter the Gungeon 2.0
Douglas...Thx for the tip.
Will buy.
Marbozi...Looking to chat and/or just hang out? The best place for that is my Discord server - you can find the most current invite link either in a pinned tweet on my Twitter (@Marbozir) or in a sticky post on the subreddit (/r/marbozir).
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