Marek Drives ciekawostki

Marek Drives ciekawostki

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I know what you missed this summer!

Travelling? Book your next stay using this link Well both get 50 PLN (~12 EUR) off on next accommodation! I have a 20 PLN promo code from mytaxi for you: marekwie2. Download the app and enter the promo code to redeem Help me make better reviews: I hope you had a great summer and a good rest. Meanwhile I was taking advantage of good weather and long days to film as much new stuff, as possible. So much in fact, I was recently told by one of the viewers theres no time to watch it all. Therefor I decided to make a short montage of reviews, which you may have missed this summer. Also watch: Mercedes Benz G Class Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Sherp Lexus LS Rolls Royce Phantom Volkswagen up! GTI Alpine A110 Nissan LEAF Askoll ES3 Aston Martin DB11 KIA Ceed Audi A6 Citroen C4 Cactus BMW X4 Range Rover Sport SVR Follow me: @mwieruszewski #MarekDrives #review #compilationmissed summer!

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milli p... lol casuals missing videos(!)
Bob Fla... I want a go in the Sherp, I wonder would the PR bring me to Poland for a spin?
koolkat... Great idea. Now I find myself scrolling through your past videos and I have a long list still to watch. Good job and please keep the reviews coming!
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