Nice channel ciekawostki

Nice channel ciekawostki

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EXPLODING POOLS People destroying pool for fun compilation EXPLODING POOLS ☀️

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Joost C... dangerous herself file approach large another potentially weight sponsor chairman gear turkey.
Bruno K... Welche Verschwendung endlicher Ressourcen!
Shelby ... Aww it made me cry at 1:18 OML poor poor dog forced to go on a floaty then runs into the fence it actually made me cry !
datguyr... duckk ? tape and zips ties and your ready to go!
Ninja L... hurricane be like...
The Cre... Unless it is like stained and not the original color, don’t do this. Also do it if it has uncleanable dirty water
Dan Gle... 0:20 cash me outside how bout dat
M Hines... These videos were dumb as hell.
the fut... Typical white trash
ZachAnd... Not funny but interesting to see the range of pools people have
Realxed... Just get some flex seal lol
MeChan ... But why???
Norma T... Gente estupida
dattaka... people acting stupid.
Wojciec... ??? i do oglądania ? Pozdrawiam serdecznie ???
Anurag ... When the water comes looks so satisfying and relaxing
MSC May... Nice video
M M... 0:58 is that Pussi ? ????
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