Lucyna Szczepańska Piosenka o mojej Warszawie A Song About My...

Lucyna Szczepańska & Orkiestra Ryszarda Franka – Piosenka o mojej Warszawie (A Song About My Warsaw) Muz.i sł. A. Harris), Polonia Record, c. 1955 (Polish record produced in London, UK). NOTE: "Polonia Record" (also referred to as "Orbis Polonia") was a recording label of Polish émigré publishing company Orbis founded in London in 1944 and specializing mostly on publishing recordings of émigré Polish artists. Re issues were made in USA and Australia. Lucyna SZCZEPAŃSKA was a popular prewar Polish Operetta and musical comedy artist, her nick was “the Nightingale of Warsaw”. During the mid late 1930s she was a star of Warsaw Operetta and various revue theatres, her voice was constantly on the radio, she recorded extensively at Syrena Electro and Odeon, she also successfully performed in the musical film comedies. To some extent her artistic genre was similar to that of Jeannette McDonald in USA or Martha Eggerth in Germany. The outbreak of the 2nd World War and attack of Germany on Poland on the 1st of September 1939 broke forever her great career in Poland. During the 5 year long occupation by Germany, she still performed in the Third Reich administered public theatres in Warsaw – an act of disloyalty to strict regulations of the clandestine Polish Underground State, where such collaboration with occupying forces was considered as disgrace (– on the contrary to French artist’ mass collaboration with the Germans during the occupation of 1940 45). Probably, it was the reason why shortly after the war, Szczepańska illegally left Poland and via Italy she traveled to London. However Polish émigré circles in Great Britain proved to be more forgiving to her misbehaves during the war and Szczepańska continued performing in the Polish clubs and recorded numerous records in London. In 1956 she moved to USA where she continued artistic activity in the Polish émigré circles, she even made a coast to coast artistic tour in 1957, accompanied by already famous in Israel and USA Polish pianist & composer, as well as her prewar friend from Warsaw: Stanisław Ferszko. In 1973 Szczepańska resettled to Poland and lived a peaceful life until her death in Milanówek near Warsaw, in 1999. “Piosenka o mojej Warszawie” (A Song About My Warsaw) was written by a popular prewar Polish pop singer Albert Harris, during years of his wartime expatriation in the Soviet Russia. He wrote it in Moscow in 1944 and recorded shortly thereafter at the Soviet recording company Aprelevskjij Zavod. The song became immensely popular in postwar Poland when it was recorded by Mieczysław Fogg in 1945 and that melancholy waltz with appealing poetical lyrics praising the beauty of Warsaw, now destroyed by the Germans and lay in ruins, became one of Warsaw evergreens of all times. I am glad I can present this song today, on the 1st of September the day of 79th anniversary of the outbreak of the 2nd World War and beginning of the Warsaw’s Golgotha – like sometimes is called the ent

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David H... Engaging waltz and beautiful photos of old Warsaw. Love the few notes of Chopin's Military Polonaise as the introduction.
Rados K... The question of collaboration is always difficult. I have understanding and sympathy for collaborators, especially because the anti- serbian Communists, after the occupation of Serbia in 1944., killed all the intellectual cream and many educated people were forced to flee the country ( if they were lucky) . 
Serbia, unfortunately, have never recovered after the murders of Serbian national intelligence.
Michael... By one of life's strange coincidences, on the day you released this video I was visiting the Warsaw Uprising museum. Thank you for presenting the beauty of old Warsaw. One cannot see it any more - the rebuilt "Old Town" still feels a bit new to me - but somehow one can feel it. This song is the perfect complement to my visit; thank you again.
BigGuyB... It's a pretty tune. After Hiroshima, a larger portion of the population and the buildings survived than in Warsaw after the Germans left. We Americans cannot imagine the amount of destruction and most of us seeing the pictures manage to ignore what is before our eyes. The recovery of Central and Eastern Europe after the war, even if under a command economy and Communism is a BFD.
Oliver ... Piękne wykonanie! Piękny głos! Bardzo ciekawe aranżacja muzyczna! :) Dziękuję! Pozdrawiam serdecznie!
franka ... Warszawa da się lubić ,tutaj szczęscie mozna znalezc,tutaj serce mozna zgubić..
?????? ... Dobrze, miło i delikatnie!.. Jeszcze by!
beiderb... A sad anniversary. Fascinating images of a beautiful city. Thanks so much for sharing this, and reminding us of our world's history. We need to remember.
Andre N... So nostalgic, so charming the tune, the views
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