How to make a Resin Table, DIY Woodworking Projects/Jak zrobić...

How to make a Resin Table, DIY Woodworking Projects/Jak zrobić Stół z Żywicy FACEBOOK: PINTEREST: YOUTUBE: Artline Crystal Epoxy Resin/Żywica Epoksydowa Banggood: 1. DIY Woodworking Hand Saw: 2. Electric Grinder: 3. Mechanical parts: 4. Manual Milling Machine: 5. 10% Discount (Offer App): Check these channels!!! Paper Ideas: Pawel c: My channel:

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mila mi... ??????????
vysakh ... Super. will u make an chess board
Mark Ar... Love the colour it looks awesome congratulations
Agnes H... Przepiękny :) <3
Marko S... I'm not sure but ,if anyone else needs to find out about redwood furniture plans try Stiklind Wood Blueprints Fixer (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my neighbor got amazing success with it.
Max Mus... Great job. How do you provide the bubbles coming out of the wood. Normally you should have bubbles during and after pouring the resin on the wood. Sometimes I have to grind the wood after every resin layer. And I need about 3 layers to get the wood bubbles free. That is much work. It would be nice to have a tip, so I can do it faster.
???... 저 작품은 무었으로 쓸건가요?
?? ???... Не таблицу а стол)
HIVTRIM... Mogłeś pokazać jak mocujesz te nogi
glenn m... Super table there... ?
Tiffany... Can you watch him welding on the camera without getting arc eye? Thanks for your knowledge in advance.
Evgeniy... Мне было бы жалко тратить столько смолы на столешку из сосны.
Rodrigo... what grain of sandpaper did you use
Pabloss... Zajebistość w czystej formie
Josseli... Could you make a home tour, with all the things you made ? It might be very nice !
lupinth... こんにちは、これはお仕事ですか?ご自宅様ですか?
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