Can Mordekaiser Get a Ghost from Rift Scuttler?

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El Envi... So, scuttler have no soul...
Busia... I killed it with tristana one time
Sophia ... Productive constant present room shower straight start producer God soil implement.
Francis... R morde a teemo/veigar botin?
Louise ... I saw my friends picture on the tarpoalin a saw modekaiser and my friends write on the top the next generation of dota 2 lol
Scott S... Vandiril. please try this. 5 redemptions + small circle of bardle royal = ?
Köz Pa... camille killed scuttler q q
quesito... Ok... as you can see... vandiril got an announcement when he killed the scuttler... so... what would happen if you do a quadra kill and then kill the scuttler... do you get a penta? If you do, its technically a hexa kill if you kill the last enemy? Or if you get the penta and then kill the scuttler, that would also count as a technical hexa kill?
LuffyDe... i killed the scuttle crab with rengar fleet footwork and with grasp also once maybe you can tell riot to fix rengar also for blitz
Lamiaro... Riot plz make it a feature, Sr has Dragon, NB has Scuttler
JayHog1... 1:02 Nice, I show up in one of the match scores.
NeXXon... Cześć vandiril jak tam mija dzień?
Peace U... I trust riot can rework mordakasier hopefully he doesn’t end up like aatrox.
Yousif ... Btw Iwhen I played Shen I could r the scuttle crab
Kto? Kt... poka cycki
Sebasti... There is also the pyke bug, that if you ult someone (that would get executed) while the scuttler is also low on hp, they both get executed and you get the kills
Zockera... Do Taliyah wall followed my Maokai W followed by Rek sai R followed by Nocturne R or mix them up how it works best, would like to see the results
Fqilip... Cześć Vandiril, dopiero się dowiedziałem że jesteś polakiem XD nie wiedziałem że jesteś polakiem, fajnie że ktoś na skalę skalową i ma dość duży fanbase jest polakiem ;)
ZaaaDiy... ağla o zaman
Filip g... There is a bug when you reconect the game ans kayne is in e whole game he gonna be black
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