HITMAN 2 Fishy Business ALL Challenges Unlock Walkthrough Martinoz

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Martino... HITMAN 2, Fishy Business Challenge Pack Unlock Guide. This challenge pack is available in The Finish L4ine, Miami. This challenge pack is focused at aquatic animals like fish, sharks or well... more and bigger fish. I forgot about a fish in tank number 6 - you can then have a total 4 of them. This fish in the starting gear will make the challenge much faster, because you can throw 3 fish just at the beginning of the mission. To make Robert Knox come to the the aquarium, you must trigger the Turbo Charged opportunity. Once he comes down, proceed with a lockdown, once he is close, simply knock him out with a fish and dump him to the aquarium. The Shark From Above is really easy challenge to complete, just wait till guards are below a shark and shoot it. As for the Bigger Fish, the Florida Man must be in the line with a fish. Distract him with a placed coin, he will try to pick it up, then shoot at the opposite winch to release it. To end the race there are multiple choices, I decided to give the keys to the mascot. I made it when other challenges were in progress, it helps to save the time. You can also trigger the Intravenous opportunity or simply end the race as a Marshall, but you are closer since the beginning to trigger the mascot.

01:06 - Bigger Fish
02:21 - Shark From Above
04:03 - The Little Merman
10:13 - Fish Attack!
11:27 - Aquatic Saviour

Challenges Unlocked:
- Fishy Business
- The Little Merman
- Aquatic Saviour
- Shark From Above
- Fish Attack!
- Bigger Fish
heart o... hey man do you still play ra2 mental omega fan mission? thanks
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Martinoz ciekawostki

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