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Diana M... Another F4 video?
Are you preparing us for something, Marvel?
SU?HAJI... I think he can defeate thanos
Geoffry... mcu.... tell me this is a foreshadowing
Naughty... Wait a second, that use of the word 'endgame' at 1:12? Does it suggest that dr.doom is in Avengers Endgame?
???... wow introduce doctor doom at this moment
Jim Dot... DeathBattle did a way better job summarizing Dr.Doom's backstory character traits, and exploits.
Akshay ... AVENGERS.....Doom
Avery L... He's a doctor of doom, that's your 101. And all you need to know
Lwazisi... Marvel should make animated series of their characters and their origins and all sorts, and then link those animated series to movies to fill in spaces that were left out in the movies. I think that's better that way because less content will remain in the comic strips.
Darth T... The only human being to match Thanos in intelligence and cunning.
Multi V... Greatest villain in All time
Shounak... Nikolaj Coster Waladu as Doom in MCU!!
Greg-Da... Hail Doom.
trex ad... Does he get more powerful than the Fantastic Four since he's going to absorb so much from the cosmic radiation which leads him to get deadly magical powers? Are we going to see him and his costume in the MCU?
Picsart... Bhai tune bhut wait kraya phir bhi dil ❤ se love you mere bhaiyo jindi m bhut taraki kro ham sab ka support tum log ke sath tha h or hamesh rahega love you yarra ??
trex ad... What would happen if he teamed up with the mad Titan? Who would win between them?
Renato ... The Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom definitely deserve to make an appearance for phase four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe or after the events of Avengers: Endgame
David G... Endgame!!!
Bob Dow... Gee.... Who in current American politics does this remind me of...? ?
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