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Forza Horizon 4 McLaren 650S Spider Roof On vs Roof Off...

Forza Horizon 4 McLaren 650S Spider Roof On vs Roof Off Sound Comparison Before and After January 15th 2014 McLaren 650S Spider is available for Car Pass owners. Xbox One X 2160p 30FPS Gameplay (Quality Mode) MotoGamesTV #ForzaHorizon4

Najlepsze komentarze:

Jong... Are there any other cars that are sound patched? ex) ferrari california t
treerex... Spider FTW
Panda J... Sounds pretty realistic enough to me.
Andy Ca... I still dont understand why this car has to be in the game if we already have the normal 650s
Lotus E... They still need to fix that horrid engine note though, sounds absolutely nothing like an M838T at all.
Th& Rø... This is a Bug or a update?
joshua ... I want an option where you can press a button and the roof wil come of, and I want this for all the convertibles ?? while driving of course! Not just forza vista
???????... Wtf ? It sounded better before
Mateusz... I'm not sure about new update... Before it sounds more like player is really inside of car. I never beed in McLaren but that was pretty much closer to what I feel driving a real car.
Nie ma ... As we do have the McLaren 650 S both Spyder and normal, then we should also get the Honda Integra Type-R 1999 and 2003.
Matt Pr... Does the glitch work for other cars ?
Arthur ... NOW, its a Spyder
Sydical... How did you get the roof off?
Hellcat... sounds shitty still
Takumi ... I hope this change will also happen for more cars
Adanaem... Roof off is better ı think.
Matt St... 3rd view, 1st comment, 1st like. Man what a predicament. 3rd view today on motogamestv and 10th on jacksepticeye.
Lumoxjr... It’s nice that this happened, good on ya PG
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