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Another very nicely detailed mission by Infini_ty, this time it's for the Allies and it takes place in British Antarctic Territory. It can be also a very long mission for the player to complete, the map is huge and can be quite overwhelming for the weaker PCs. The Epsilon bases are gigantic, there are few of them and they have lots of Bio and Tech Reactors to supply them with energy. The mission is doable on Mental without overusing the Save/Load functionality (thank God for this), the only problems are at the beginning. Once you begin the mission, head west and you will stand in proximity of the first Epsilon outpost in the area, use your Siege Cadres here. Destroy the Antares and Inferno towers, then take care of the Bio Reactors inside to cut the power, then you can bring the Warhawks with Rocketeers. Once the base has been established, prepare for the incoming big wave of Epsilon units, together with some air harassment coming from the Yuri's bases. Before you actually capture the Rocketpads from Yuri, it's much better to establish a second base and destroy the center base - it will trigger the reinforcements. It also triggers the countdown with Psychic Dominator from the main Epsilon base to the south, it will be better to, as always, cut the power with destroying Reactors. Without the Reactors, you do not need to worry about the Epsilon's base anymore, the incoming Allied reinforcements will wreck the base of Yuri with ease. Now all you need to do is to capture the Rocketpads from the Epsilon, the mission will be done with all Epsilon buildings destroyed and captured Rocketpads.

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Nod Fan... I know this is wrong video to ask, but I assume asking it here would have better chance of getting answer, so I will gonna ask.

I recently bought TW at Steam and tried to install this mod, but encountered some problem...

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Martinoz ciekawostki

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