Forza Horizon 4 2005 Honda NSX R GT Gameplay 4K Make Your Life Greener

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Rishi S... 2:11 imagine if Kevin Hart screamed "OH SHIT" like in central intelligence.
Jacket ... I had memories of this car in The Fast and The Furious video game on PS2.
treerex... Fun Fact: It can reach 299 in game

Ok! I am sorry! I know it doesn't hit 300! xD
ivan mo... I can't get mine it says it will be released on the 24th but today is the 24th and it's now almost 7 at night but it's still saying it will be released on 24th
GP39 St... Gran Turismo 4 Memories
Geometr... Oh yeah yeah
Marco B... I do like this addition.
Paul Es... The ultimate unicorn
How many of these were made ?? 5 ??
Anyway that's the very first time this car is included in a game right ?
It's to Honda what the 911 GT1 is to Porsche
TR-TITA... Love this car to death. Reminds me of GT4, actually.
JDM rac... Still sounds like shit.
TheGami... Close shave at 2:10
ToyGTon... NSX is one of my dreams car IRL so it's nice to see them adding the NSX-R to forza.
Fittedb... Good to see this car back :)
Geek... I need this game.....
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