WRC 8 Reveal Trailer

New off road physics on all road surfaces, completely redesigned career mode, dynamic weather, 50 teams, 14 countries, 100 tracks, weekly challenges and the eSports mode… Aim for the top in the most intense WRC experience yet! WRC 8 will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on September 2019. MotoGamesTV #WRC8

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tohakli... increased fps in the trailer helps but still meh
mention... Recently i tried WRC 6 cuz the games with gold aaaaaannd i dont like it, feels clumsy. I think Dirt 3 its a better game but i dont know i only have and tried those two rally games.
Playlis... Fucked up.. it doesnt get sny better
Pedro H... Impressive graphics, I hope they will remain like that when the game releases, though I can tell that for a trailer this is lacking polish
William... Dirt rally 2.0 is better
Abi Veg... just give the license to codemasters
deathno... いつもPV詐欺だから騙されないようにしたいけど、すごく立体的なコースも良いし、期待しちゃう映像だねw
Hill... wrc7 not a bad game really. I enjoyed playing it alongside dirt rally
Blackav... The problem with WRC is why they always make the road really big, look at most of rally games especially Dirt Rally, look how small are the roads, it gives you more challenge.
treerex... This looks so good
Lechu... Anyone know song?
Zelatur... its already 8 ? damn they milking that wrc license hard
e efily... WRC7 was great with its tight gameplay and narrow roads, loved it. The visuals are also the best of all the rally games. WRC8 is one to watch.
DeaKen0... Its a shame they didn't keep the early physics of WRC7. I didn't get it a launch and found that the car visually didn't behave in the same way as the pre-release stuff, VVV said the handing wasn't as good after an update.
?????? ... Лучше бы tesr drive unlimited 3 запилили
Zdenek ... A lot of historic cars...this game is missing them. And something like factory driver from porsche challenge or road to glory from wrc3. Good carrer, online events, etc.
Mpamphs... Why people dont like equal sims and arcade games ?
Oskier ... Okay, roads look cool but that's it, new year, new arcade shit nobody cares about
Vlad An... Honestly i think Dirt Rally 2.0 will be much better, much more realistic physics and courses
Lumoxjr... Okay, this is epic
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