Today in Marvel History: Weapon X Eros_Erwin

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Ijustlo... Wolverine is so badass that he doesnt even need a alternate identity like how hawke eye becomes ronin or IronMan uses many alternate suites. (Even though alternative titles are cool)
Izham R... Pull out meat scepter
Anton A... Weapon X was probably the first horror comic I have read. It was quite hard to read. I always knew that Wolverine had a dark past, but that story really disturbed me. Its themes of dehumanization and sense of identity reasoned with me on a deep level.
????? ?... Wolverine??
Yy Memi... Logan made me cry
Bhuvane... Please do weapon-Hex infinity warps ... !!!
boney t... why is this video so short ?
Sakib J... Then happy birthday wolverine and Deadpool
Rana Ha... Please Bring Back Marvel TL:DR
HESHAM ... Hi I think my 5 years old little brother did the art cool ?
The Spi... The thumbail is disturbing...
Mund Ma... Correct me if I'm wrong, I thought that they were trying to replicate Cap's super soldier serum?
Mr. Sta... Do you know the way?
Wcat Ev... Next time > today in Marvel History : The Eternals
Samurai... Who draw that wolverine here?
Superhe... Pretty cool?
Jayden ... Hahaha his hair
Deepak ... What happen if apple buy Sony and resell it to the Disney??
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