Irelia Rework in a Nutshell

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Naerlyn... Well you know what they say... better nerf Irelia, right?
tgin ty... why reduce movement speed BY 5 when you can reduce movement speed TO 5

Lutemis... Fucking fire CertainlyT already
CM Elit... i cri everitim
Mychael... So nobody gonna mention Gbay99?
Lusus... You should do this for Akali as well now.
andrew ... meanwhile rize thought: This bitch once reworked and only nerfed...
Alex Da... Just to be positive, Maybe she'll get new strong items.... Nahh there's nothing positive about her nerfs
Thinh V... Next patch: Irelia is no longer in the game
Yasuo H... now this champ is dead xD
Paul Ep... Why RITO?!
James Y... 9.3 Irelia= a nerfed jax
?? ??... Are we going to get Akali nerf in a nutshell? XD
jitwisu... Dead game
karenag... burn in hell irelia mains
Borna R... They did the same thing with Azir, removed half his kit...
Victor ... thanks god they did it
Mr Bafm... Graves still cant get a fucking cigar cuz they are only "balancing" ;c
CIA... Funny how there are tons of fucking champs with scary builds untouched. And they nerf irelia because why not
LADEN B... 00:30 only Tru dunkey fans will get this
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