Yass today is the day before Christmas and I am spending it with family. Such a wonderful time of the year. I hope you all are spending this holiday season with your family or friends or just spending it being happy and loved. Jesus loves you :) Socials: Instagram:@CristianOliveras Facebook:@CristianOliveras MERRY CHRISTMAS

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Migos B... If u are I respect that
Migos B... Are u gay
Bella I... lol I love your videos your family speaks great Spanish I'm European and American meaning I'm Spainer American Russian and German for me
kaashee... Now he's not pagan?
Eilishe... Wepaaa Let Get It ????
Pham Ph... your mom's rly pretty.
Kimberl... Someday I will be having a Puerto Rican Christmas. I am dating a Puerto Rican and I cant wait to be a part of the Puerto Rican family.
Shameer... Yass familia
Neccixo... Boricuas en la casa ❣❣❣❣❣
Fallena... Thank you for making me hungry
Deni Yo... Don't stress too much over LA .. it's just temporary right ;) love youuuuuu
Itz_yaa... Merry Christmas ?
Itz_yaa... I’m Puerto Rican ??
Karisma... Merry Christmas!
Lidia R... Christmas Eve and Christmas day in a Puerto Rican house be packed asi somos los boricuas Feliz navidad Cristian ily
Ruben G... Marry Christmas
Raymond... Mary crica. ? Your mother is very beautiful . ?
exis pe... Puertorriqueños
Lil Bis... Early squaddddddddddddddd
Good To... Is this guy black .. i just want to know
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