WTF Compilation || February 2019 || MonthlyFails

Hi all! Enjoy this new collection of wtf moments caught on camera! Compilation featuring pranks, funny road sighting videos and more!. Have fun watching and stay tuned theres much more on the way, cheers!! Subscribe ► Share ► Watch next ► Would you like to see your video being featured in MF compilation? Submit a video: Thanks to all who submitted videos! Subscribe to MonthlyFails and be updated with new compilations every Tuesday & Friday! MF on FaceBook: Watch more fail videos: Compilation February MonthlyFails

Najlepsze komentarze:

Agatha ... i felt like this before!
daz man... The guy in the sleeping bag made me laugh so hard he needs to watch mission impossible a few times just to get concept lol... So funny
Elezer_... 0:57 what is that???
lobo do... Brasilians..... 0:20
Erick M... Cara eu amo seus vídeos! Kkk são insanos!
radry10... China Fails compilation
steveri... I would like those dashboard vent whirlygigs.
Good collection. Truly WTF'S
Garrett... 0:35 * a guy literally trying to commit suicide*
elv... vertical video compilation.
Cover v... Whenever an overweight person gets on a motorcycle or scooter it's definitely going to end up in their pain and my laughter.
BestiAn... What a vertical disease
ante va... China is one BIG WTF country!!!!
???? ??... 0:01 ? ? ????
???????... wtc - what the compilation
Divyans... Chinese parade???
hal us... freeze cold polar vortex
killafo... everything in china is WTF
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