Paint Tool Sai vs MS Paint

sketching in ms paint was harder because when i draw i like to flip my drawing so i am able to notice mistakes that i have made i often rotare some parts of my drawing and i wasnt able to rotate them in ms paint no layers and only few brushes i did this challenge because of nostalgia and btw ms paint rossali is wearing her old outfit midnightplum patreon: instagram: and twitter: discord server: songs: moving castles, nhk!?, henriettaPaint Paint

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Purple ... It’s amazing how even while using MS paint, you still made a beautiful drawing!
Roxy _W... 2:36 omg i cant Handle my EYES she is BIGGER THAN THE SUN
???? ??... MS paint
•Soph... Your character is very cute and beautiful. ?
Meo BIT... Maybe u can make "old artstyle challenge" :3
A_galax... I think the ms paint looked better ?
Amy Pla... I CHOSE PAINT TOOL SAI (Cause I use too much on my pc ;w;)
Dick He... If this was drawn on computer with your mouse I’m gonna fucking kill myself, it’s impossible to do that art with a mouse
Golden ... Rossaili someone’s tracing ur work and they say it’s there’s and I don’t think they should be tracing ur awesome art skills (if you read this (゚∀゚)
Ewos?aw... One sec you from poland
lax... i cant even draw a circle on ms paint
DAwolfi... thicc = fat legs
Kikis51... Can you do an eight years of animation video
Tawnii... Rawr
Namida ... J'aime beaucoups dessiner sur Paint car sa fait un style particulier.
Il parais que Paint a été utiliser pour faire noubreuse couverture de jeu vidéo ancien (Winx, pokémon et autre) sans se fatiguer.
•Cony... Soy el comentario en español que buscabas :v
GrimSus... I cant tell if she is using a mouse or a pen for drawing
KisumiN... 6:03 wth this is polish and I'm from Poland
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