Where Do You Think Youre Going!? Pachacuti 2 Civilization VI...

Welcome back to Civ 6 Gathering Storm! Im playing as Pachacuti of the Inca, on a standard size fractal map and immortal difficulty, with all enemies being Gathering Storm leaders. Thanks to Firaxis and 2K for providing an early copy of Civilization 6 Gathering Storm. Enjoyed the video? Subscribe for more! Discord: Patreon: Chrono.GG: Twitter: Where Think Youre Going!? Pachacuti Civilization Gathering Storm

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NapalmK... Have to admit, i did not care for Civ 6 vanilla, but these playthroughs are making me nostalgic. Real talk: Thanks marbz, I was able to beat Deity Civ V because of you, best of luck in 2019
regatta... I wonder if the city would not have flipped if he put the Limitanei policy
Chris H... Lol. I am late to watching this one but in my Inca game I took out hungry as my first foe. Really love Inca for fast growth to powerful production.
jamma24... It's unbelievable how many bugs happen in Civ VI. It should be so simple being a turn-based game - their code must be as messy as hell to have got so much wrong.
Alyssin... @Marbozir > Dude not all volanoes are about you.. sometimes they're about Crete or Krakatoa! :O
Herdemc... You are so noob?‍♂️ and your english make me sick.
FireIvo... +
Carlos ... Rip hungary. Send flowers to the family.
Miguel ... Is there a part #3 coming?
Kevin D... Does Gathering Storm have some graphical improvements? Your game looks nicer than mine, and I play at max settings. Or do you have a mod?
Deluded... I can't tell if the title is referring to the blocking of the Hungarian settler or Geneva blocking your scout. Maybe both.
Marcel ... My only question is do you enjoy the Game or is it mediocre for you
Saifudd... you can get +7 science for campus at OLLANTAYTAMBO City by replacing the north stone quarry.
Ioan Ji... That unlucky flood. Mali could've taken the city with the scout.
Limitle... Why did u pillage the marble before choosing a civic?
vaynomb... if you build terrace farms around the volcano and buy the volcano tile it will be +2 production +4 food.
XfStef... "I need money for Otter things."
steve90... i noticed you are manually targeting units the hard way. try selecting the unit and simply right click on the target whether its an archer catapult or melee it will attack from the right click. so many less clicks for you
Sterlin... I had to switch because he was ignoring the qhapaq nan which solved all his problems
Tinker... "I haven't really noticed that many disasters, even with them on maximum"
Civ 6: "I got you, fam"
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