WIN Compilation || February 2019 || MonthlyFails

Hi all! Here we go with new compilation of epic win videos. Skilled drivers wins, awesome people making their life easier and more. Stay tuned for new fails, wins & wtfs. Cheers! Subscribe ► Share ► Watch next ► Would you like to see your video being featured in MF compilation? Submit a video: Thanks to all who submitted videos! Subscribe to MonthlyFails and be updated with new compilations every Tuesday & Friday! MF on FaceBook: Watch more fail videos: Compilation February MonthlyFails

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Laloni ... People live rough
Animile... That last one is pure magic
POLARTT... 0:55 ok that was really fucking impressive
?.??? ?... 1:56 What??
????? ?... גדוול?
Abc D... LOL
POLARTT... hey
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