Concert on the 209th anniversary of the birth of Fryderyk Chopin Chopin Institute

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Ezers... Old piano sounds not so good as modern concert Steinway or Yamaha CFX. It sound rather like old vertical piano in my basic school. Sorry for saying it, but I don't feel it.
Egg MCM... This is way too large to support the pleyels sound characteristics... forte sounds like piano? The dynamics and shadings are much too oily too fit this acoustic. Im not ‘professional’, but this didnt feel authenthic Chopin to me. The equal temperament on the piano just kills it for me. Phonies, not keeping a genius alive but turning him into financial gains.... Chopin turns in his grave...
Witold ... Wonderful concert... I wish I had been able to watch and listen to the one in person.
However, owing to Chopin Institute @ YouTube we now can be a global artistic community living in a global village of virtual transmissions. Aloha !!!! And all those exquisite instruments from the Chopenistic epoc... Magnificent concert !!!!!
Larus D... I love Tomasz Ritter.
jordi d... Wait Tomasz Ritter became famous? I knew from his first performance in the Chopin competition (last year, was it?) that he would be in the top 3, but I never imagined that he would actually become famous
Marie E... Merci de nous offrir la musique de Chopin , eternelle et emouvante .
Davide ... The piano is not an original Pleyel, but a copy made by Paul McNulty ...
???... happybirthyday F.chopin
Ian Pog... Thanks for sharing!
i nur... i love this!! ?
Arti Su... ??????????????Happy Birthday,Chopin??????????????
One of the greatest piano composers of his time and a piano virtuoso
Lolie L... All Very good, OUTSTANDING pianist and violinist, great, thanks
Arnan... 6:44 Lipinski symphony
1:16:59 Chopin concerto
1:49:37 Varisek sonata
1:55:30 Schumann fantasiestucke
Julien ... That guy with the clarinet though, dang
Rich Mi... Timestamps anyone?
???????... Chopin Institute ! Thank you very much , Tomasz Ritter is beautiful pianist .
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Chopin Institute ciekawostki

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