Little Girl Terrifies Judges on Spains Got Talent 2019 | Magicians Got Talent Magician's Got Talent

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German ... Dice el señor Risto no porque su orgullo fue herido.......
Cory S... It would be nice if this had English subtitles.
jeffery... Even tho I didn't understand a word they said but it was still a good act
Fahmo A... She's trying to copy sacred Riana
KAVYA C... What is her name?
Pethura... look closer at 1:32 . the jugdes are so dumb and clever video technique that the girl swapped her pre-selected card and placed it on the table . and there are so many automated bulbs available on shopping sites with remote control and she was using it.
Remembe... Hello guys this site helped me alot @t they are legit and real professionals. They simply do all the work for you and in my experience it all went very smoothly and easy as long as you follow what they instructed you to do.
?????... สุดยอดเลยครับผม
Chandra... I don’t know what there saying
????... So Amazing!!!!!!! i like it.
Fortnit... Nobody will read this but if only ONE person will read this it will make my day! ❤️I'm trying to get to 1k subs by the end of March. ?
I know you guys can do it!! ❤️
Muhamma... Really amazing talent
Saber t... i love u magicians got talent