Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel | Cast Featurette Eros_Erwin

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jockado... Bring me Coulsoooooooooooon! But in other news AoS fans will recognise what's happening at 0:17.
Varedz... Michael B Jordon would of done better job.
lucas... 6 days! So excited
Drew Ca... When PewDiePie gets more views faster than a “big” box office movie trailer.
Mark Ha... Can’t wait for Wonder Woman ‘84.
Black T... I’m pretty psyched for this one
Doudyma... The best after credit imo would be for her to receive message from the future and time jump to the end of Infinity War. That would also explain why she was nowhere to be found all this time...??
Ruby Ch... Only less than a week it’s released!!! Can’t wait!!!
isak la... Cant wait! Only 5 days left
FireFla... This movie is going to be amazing, Marvel never messed up a movie
Radhesh... i found Captain marvel voice is similar to something.....
oh wait .. I heard it on PUBG ..
just form up on me
Jose To... Can't wait to see captain marvel
Coen Co... Here comes the woknes followed by the bookies.
E M... Higher. Further. Faster.
I'm very excited!
Moto Gy... Sooo..... Is Proton going to be apart of Phase 4?
NotSpoo... Captain Marvel: Im the strongest marvel character
Thor: Hold my beer.
Landon ... Too all the people who are worried if Captain Marvel will beat Thanos the Russo Brothers confirmed that it wont happen.
Aruna K... I am excited about this movie :)
Anthony... Nope, still not going to see this crap
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