Gran Turismo Sport Dallara SF19 Super Formula Unveiled Trailer Make Your Life Greener

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Pedro H... Can we apply different liveries to it? Otherwise it will gather dust in my garage besides the countless VGTs I was gifted and the W08
Chrissy... The soundtrack is sweeeet
ThePurp... What engine layout does it have? Hopefully not yet another V6 Turbo F1 car, we really need V8/V10's.
Yuan Ed... If you wonder what is Super Formula,it does exists,basically Japanese equivalent of GP2(now F2) or IndyCar (in fact it's slightly faster than GP2).Used to be called Formula Nippon in the past

Notable racers and alumni including Pierre Gasly,Kazuki Nakajima and Felix Rosenqvist
Nils We... Holy shit you will be able to choose between two engines and it will have a functional ERS system! This is amazing I hope it comes soon!!
Raptor_... Not to be dumb or anything but what's super formula?
Dave Sa... I preffer Mercedes 190Evo2 - Opel Calibra - Alfa Romeo 155 V6 - Porsche 911 GT2 (1996) - Mercedes CLK-GTR - Opel Omega 3000 24v etc.....
QRacer_... Halo in VR. Interesting to try that.
jonatha... hello @MotoGamesTV 28/3/2019 update (japan) ?
Gustavo... Ai que delicia cara
Hopeles... When is this coming? In next update?
Xbox fa... unrealistic graphics...
m m... Hopefully we’ll able to use livery editor on super formula! Can’t wait!!
Arnold ... NANI..!! SUPA FORMULA...!!!
Gattocu... Formula stuff?
Ultra C... I hope the tyre sound isn't exaggerated, since in F1 2018 i barely listen the tyre sound in cockpit view.
Fittedb... Today’s my birthday
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