BRUTAL DOOM V21 RC8 Extermination Day PreBeta, THE SHOTVOLVER! Martinoz

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Martino... Brutal Doom V21 RC8 is a release candidate build, remember that this is a test version so issues are to be expected. The Extermination Day mappack is also the newest one, both were released to the public at the same day. The Extermination Day has lots of new areas to discover, especially in terms of the secrets. As you know, lots of the weapons in the Extermination Day are unique and can be found only once. In this prebeta version, there is another new weapon found in the Twisted Neighborhood - The Shotvolver. As the name says, it is a revolver that uses shotgun shells as its ammunition. Shotvoler is strong enough to kill any pinky demon charging at you in close quarters - however it sucks at long ranger because of a short barrel. Twisted Neighborhood received a major overhaul, you will notice it instantly after launching a map. TThere has been added a new building, connected to the new secret - it's located in the center of the map, near the building with tons of Revenants. When you explore this new building, use on of the shelves in the main bedroom - it will lower to reveal a switch in another building. When you use that mentioned switch, it will reveal another switch in a different place. Once all three switches are activated, the bars in the Armory (that needs a red skull) will go down, giving you a free access to the Shotvolver. Have fun, and watch at your wrists.

00:00 - The Roadblocks

New Secret - Soulsphere at roof

06:46 - The Warzone

New Secret - area behind a tank

16:33 - Twisted Neighborhood

New Secrets - Tank behind Armory & The Shotvolver in Armory
Agent 4... Miss Hitman already
Martinoz ciekawostki

Martinoz ciekawostki

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