Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel | “Moment” TV Spot Eros_Erwin

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Camila ... 5 days!!!!!! Cinépolis!!! Oh yes!
Gappies... Captain Marvel or the REAL Captain Marvel (Shazam!)?
Gappies... 0:09 Who is that guy?
Your Co... Super excited
Will watch it after my exams
Baby Sh... So...has anyone seen the concept art?The one with the huge spoiler
Samuel ... I honestly don't care about what she said , what really grind my gears is that she created a crowd funding to supposedly help underprivileged girls not with their education ,or health care ,or even food, or take them on holidays ,but only to bump her box office numbers and make her self and Disney richer ,this is just evil , hypocritical , nasty and selfish , totally disgusting , and for this I will boycott her movie and make sure everyone around me will ..
Mr. Gru... Gal Gadot >>>>>> Brietard Larson
Romi Fu... In my country it actually comes out in wensday
Saady A... She jumped on train. Im hyped for this?
Zech Me... Looks like we are seeing eveything they want us to see in the trailers. I wished they focused more on the Kree-Skrull war but then again this is an origin story. She gets her power from Kree and the Tesseract. I hope they show more of her struggles like they did with all the others avengers or else this is gonna be what they call a Mary Sue movie.
alex Ja... How many tv spot's will captain marvel get??
The Pri... You know, I've seen some Cap Marv fans who think it'd be "cool" to see her make Thor and Hulk seem dull.

Is that what we want? Did we see these guys for 10 years to see them appear pathetic next to a rookie? Did we see Thor risked his life to build an axe to amplify his powers to kill Thanos and his epic entrance to see none of that mattered?

Thor had all the powers he need to take Thanos out, what he needed was simply not to gloat.
All Abo... Nah. I'd rather watch the Alita on March 8th than this Propagandist, Racist. Capt. Mary sue
Mike No... The haters love it too! That's why they are always here with us! Lmao (and always the FIRST ones too).
Goose t... In 5 days, I will become more famous than Groot.
Jeevan ... Nowadays YouTube is a promoter for a movie
Kaustav... Hit like if u are more excited for the post credit scene than the movie!!!!!!!
NotAll... No thank you, see you at endgame
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