Grandmaster Caz exposes how Industry destroyed Hip Hops Unity &...

Previously we took you to South Bronx, where hip hop pioneer Grandmaster Caz showed us his crib, looking like a real hip hop museum. We also shared first half of an interview that we did there with Caz, where he told us whats the origin of his collectors passion and what were his biggest hip hop treasures. He spoke about a divide between newschool artists and hip hop pioneers, he also went back and mentioned his own inspirations that he had before becoming hip hops first poet. Caz told us too how would hip hop look without NY "blackout" in 1977, when a lot of young artists got their first equipment. Now we have second half where Caz drops knowledge about how Music Industry destroyed unity in Hip Hop and turned rap from groups to going solo. He also spoke about Labels controlling the content to influence masses with music talking about drugs, money and gangsta lifestyle, instead of socially conscious artists like KRS One or Public Enemy. We also discussed problem of glorifying drugs in lyrics, change of hip hop fashion and comparisons between early days of hip hop and today. Hip Hop Museum? Grandmaster Caz showed us his crib in the Bronx! Grandmaster exposes Industry destroyed Unity Substance interview

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Popkill... Hip-Hop Museum? Grandmaster Caz showed us his crib in the Bronx! (+ 1st part of Interview)
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